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Grampian Student Recruitment

What We Have Done For Grampian Student Recruitment

Grampian Student Recruitment is a company specializing in getting students admission in universities of Uk.

We handled all their social media accounts.

We optimized their social media pages, rewrote their Bio and other info to make them stand out and establish their expertise.

We devised a social media strategy to help them establish their knowledge in the field of student recruitment and increase organic engagement.

Designed Social media posts and wrote social media copy informing students about
What steps are involved in getting admission to a UK university
How can you write a persuasive personal statement
What is IELTS?
How can we help?
Why UK is an excellent choice for a Summer Camp?
What is a UCAS portal and how to apply through it?

Curated Funny/Viral content portraying different funny situations which a student encounters and rebranded it to suit Grampian's branding and posted it on their social media pages with the objective to increase organic engagement

Designed an announcement poster about Eltijani's Visit to Italy for a Webinar. Eltijani is the owner of the company.

Designed posts to raise awareness about the services which Grampian was offering, and the benefits associated with those services.

Wrote and optimized multiple blog posts to inform and educate their prospects as well as to raise their interest in our services.


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