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What We Have Done For HOFT

HOFT is one of our clients and a renowned name in the Financial Training Industry, based in UAE, Dubai.

Successfully designed Social Media Posts for HOFT (Videos, Images and Brochures) that generated tons of Engagement and drove huge Conversions for their Webinars and Courses.

These visually appealing posts also concisely explained in copy, caption or script what benefits the course or webinar could bring in the lives of people taking them, Who the instructor was, what was his credibility and experience, the duration of the course/webinar, The time and venue of the course/webinar and who it is best ideal for and directed towards.

All the content on these posts was neatly arranged in such a way that the overall design looked clean, and didn't appear crowded or cluttered.

Created these posts following brand guidelines and utilizing brand colors to distinguish the brand from its competitors and give it a unique, trustworthy, reliable and recognizable online identity.

These posts were also shared on our profiles with a huge following resulting in an even bigger reach for our designed posts.

Passionately stayed up-to-date with the latest social media trends and strategies, and continuously sought ways to innovate and improve social media efforts and come up with even more visually appealing and stunning designs.

HOFT developed its image as an authority in the Finance Training Industry and a brand which takes its branding and public image very seriously through our excellent and value-driven social media posts.

We also designed a video ad for them summarizing the details of their upcoming webinars and courses. This video ad contained impressive visual effects, dynamic text animations, stunning transitions, captivating storytelling, and used clips with exhilarating cinematography.

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