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What We Have Done For Urge.pk

Made Social Media Content Calendar and Marketing Strategy

Did model photography and mannequin photography

Designed Social Product posts (Facebook and Instagram both)

Updated and scheduled them using Business suite with proper captions and hashtags

Shared posts on relevant groups to get organic engagement

Wrote Complete web copy/ Website Content (About Us, Faqs, Home page, Contact Us)

Uploaded products on woocommerce wordpress website, organized products in categories, made product variations by creating suitable attributes and updated discounts using woo discount rules Plugin.

Imported products on our website to facebook using the “Facebook for Woocommerce”, through Commerce Manager to create Facebook shop, run catalogue ads and enable Product tagging.

Designed Print Graphics (Banners, standees, Gift Cards and Brochures)

Ran Give away and Influencer Marketing Campaigns with famous models.

Setup Email replies on Mailchimp for every useful action user took on the website. For instance, if a User submitted his information on a newsletter form, a custom email was sent to him recognizing that we received his information. If a user abandoned his cart, a custom email was sent to him, prompting him to complete the purchase.

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